How Do Ambit Energy Rates Compare?

We checked out on the Power To Choose Website today to check and see how Ambit Energy compares with other large electricity companies that people in the Texas area are familiar with. What we found was Ambit Energy showing much cheaper prices in comparison to some big brand electric providers.

If you are looking for a good energy provider with cheap prices that will beat some of the larger reputable brands in Texas then you really need to look no further than Ambit. When signing up with Ambit Electric company you will be getting a free vacation rewards gift as well as a straightforward electric rate without hideen fees and charges you may see with other energy companies.


  1. Manny sanchez says:

    This is not what I found out when I did a comparison of the other billing compnies which is all AMBIT is. AMBIT rates were much higher for the same energy that is being put out by ONCOR. That is why we are changing from AMBIT.

  2. Manny,

    It is important for you to realize that Oncor cannot sell you electricity. You have to use a company like Ambit or one of their competitors who sells energy retail. There is no way around this because this is how the electricity market in Texas is setup.

    You have the generators, the pole and wires company, and you have the retail electric provider.

    It’s more than just a billing company. Ambit has to buy the commodity energy in the form of natural gas and hedge this purchase. They then have to create a rate that is competitive to the customer while still allowing them to make a profit.

    Ambit must also be able to market, bill, and advertise their electric rate product all while executing perfectly to be viable.

    Many people save money by switching to Ambit. Oncor simply can’t sell you electricity. There is no conspiracy that is simply how it is.

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