Ordering Ambit Energy Service

Order Ambit ElectricAmbit Energy Electric Company offers an easy way to see affordable electric rates for your area in an easy to understand comparison of rate plans.

Ambit Energy’s rates show you all fees and charges when advertising their electricity rate products so you don’t have to guess about what your electric rate will be.

When choosing an electricity rate we recommend going with a fixed electricity rate plan so your rate remains the same and will not change from month to month.

To get started ordering electric service from Ambit Energy please use the “OrderAmbit Energy” link at the top right of this page or click here: Order Ambit Energy


  1. Efren Perez says:

    You really know how to irritate your customers, by having a $2.50 charge is payment is made by credit card.
    Well, I mailed you a check yesterday, and hope it is less complicated for you to process a check payment than one by credit card.

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