Ambit Energy Compares to Ignite Energy

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Many people ask which electricity company has the better electricity service product between Ignite and Ambit Energy. You may wonder why do these two Texas electric providers come up in the same sentence when comparing energy companies? The reason has to do with both of these energy companies offering electric service through a large direct sales distribitor base. Most of the electricity sold is sold in the state of Texas although Ambit Energy has quickly attempted to move into as many deregulated electricity service markets as possible.

Power all Comes off of the ERCOT Electric Grid

Ignite Energy and Ambit Energy deal in large volumes when signing up energy customers. The electricity comes off of the ERCOT electric grid in Texas. Electric providers cannot choose where the energy from the pole and wires comes from or is generated. The green energy that you see marketed is actually a virtual paper transaction that represents green energy in another state, so even the green energy companies can’t tell you that the electricity they send to your Texas home is truly renewable energy. The truth is most of your electricity is generated from natural gas even if you signed up for a 100% renewable plan. The electric provider bought enough credits to offset the difference but your energy can’t be chosen as to what source it was generated. We say all this to say no matter the electricity provider you choose you will always receive the same electricity power from the same poles and wires.

What Makes a Texas Electric Provider Different from Another?

The main difference in electric companies is in how they provide customer service, keep track of fixed electric rate offers, bill their customers, and hedge their energy. Some electric companies do not offer a fixed electricity price because they do not have the skill to hedge their energy which requires energy traders buying natural gas futures. Both Ambit Energy and Ignite offer fixed electric rates to their customers. One provider will be cheaper then the other at times and occasionally you will see a shift where for a time the competitor will be advertising the cheapest rates. A Texas electricity company cannot always have the very cheapest rate. There are usually a few providers out their that come into the seen and undercut the competition to such a degree that they cannot afford to stay in business and have to sell out. A lot of these customers that went with the too good to be true offer have to go shopping for another rate sometimes at a much higher price.

Stability and Track Record

Ambit Energy is a large stable Texas electricity company with several different energy prices, products and terms to choose from. An independent sales rep works directly with you in helping you find the best product that fits your needs. Ignite works in a very similar fashion but when looking at the PUCT website and comparing customer satisfaction levels we see that Ambit Energy has a better score then Ignite Energy and several other Texas electricity companies. Stream Energy which is the other name for Ignite Energy shows as being number 2 by the state of Texas with the electric company having some of the largest number of complaints. These are statistics that were compiled by the state of Texas From:  10/1/2008   To:  3/31/2009. The first column is the total number of complaints. The 2nd column is the number of people slammed. The 3rd column are the number of people that had additional charges crammed onto the electric bill, and the 4th column is related to electricity billing issues.

Complaint Report Chart

List of customer complaints against electric companies that provide service to texas. Complaints are broken down by category with the counts listed as rows for each company below the header. The graph icon can be selected to show a graphical display of the data by months.”> We have taken down the complaint chart as the chart changes monthly and it has been hard to keep it updated each month.
Because of important things like billing and customer service we recommend Ambit Energy as the better electricity provider to go with over Ignite Energy. Ambit Energy also has one of the best available fixed electricity rates in the industry. One of the biggest positives we like about Ambit Energy is their honesty in advertising an electric rate that has no additional hidden fees and charges. The straight forward low cost Texas electricity rates combines with good customers service and accurate billing makes Ambit Energy the preferred electric company to choose for residential Texas electric service. We think Texas consumers will prefer Ambit over Ignite and will be able to see the proof of that on their first month bill they receive from Ambit Electric Company.

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