Ambit Energy Fixed Electricity Rates

Texas Cities we Serve

Ambit Energy is currently offering some of the lowest electricity rates we have seen in over 3 years. The energy markets are down and because of this Ambit is able to put together some great fixed priced electricity rates. Ambit Energy serves Houston, Dallas, Tyler, Alpine, Laredo, Arlington, McKinney, Plano, Grapevine, Bedford, Euless, Wichita Falls, Round Rock, Carrollton, Rock Wall, and several other Texas cities. At this time Austin city limits, El Paso and Garland are still not deregulated. In comparison, Nueces Electric Coop in Nueces County opted into deregulation and so that county and many others like it have a choice in who they choose for their Texas electricity company.

What Electricity Term we Recommend at This Time

If you are considering switching to Ambit Energy we would like to recommend you sign up on the 1 year fixed rate plan. There are no hidden fees, the TDSP charges are bundled into the rate, and they have no fuel surcharge in the pricing and terms of service. If you are risk averse it is better that you sign up at a slightly higher electricity price on the 2 or 3 year fixed electricity rate while prices are down. You will pay more on a longer term electric rate but you will be patting yourself on the back if rates come back up after a year when it would have been time for you to renew had you chosen the 1 year electric rate. Ambit Electric Company is a licensed retail electric provider in Texas and has 10’s of thousands of customers since they began several years ago. This energy company was started from several executives and top leaders that were previously in Excel telecommunications. Excel was one of the fastest growing phone companies in the United States. Ambit Energy bought Commerce Energy in the last few months which had a very good billing system, energy hedging system and other critical systems in place to sign up electric service customers. Since this acquisition Ambit Energy has become even more respected in the Texas market and will continue to sign up electric service customers in Texas that are looking for the cheapest available electric rate from a quality provider.

Learn more About Ambit Energy’s Rates

If you are interested in finding out more about Ambit Energy’s electric rates we recommend you check out Ambit’s rates by visiting this page: Click Here to Check Rates

After you have found the fixed electric rate that suits your situation you simply need to fill out your name and service address information using Ambit Energy’s online sign up tool. Ambit offers 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year fixed electricity prices. If you have questions and need to talk with someone on the phone then we would be happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us via email or call us with any questions about our Texas electricity prices you may have.

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