Is a Fixed Electric Rate or Variable Rate Better?

If you signed up on a fixed Texas electricity price last summer you probably signed up at the highest electricity service price in the history of Texas. Natural gas prices went through the roof and because you have a similarity between energy commodities and electricity prices in Texas we also saw electric rates go way up. For customers who signed up last year you will find right now to be the ideal time to lock into a fixed electricity price. Rates have plummeted and if you thought locking in at the top of the market last summer was a wise thing to do then why not recover from that mistake and lock into a fixed electricity price while rates are at all time lows.

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As of today the market has gone up a little and so signing up on an electricity rate with Ambit at this time is more critical then ever because the trend down could be soon over with summer approaching. We sincerely are not telling you this as a pressure tactic but instead we really do believe like many out there that Texas electricity rates just can’t go much lower then this. If you live in the Houston or Dallas area then you have probably seen a dozen or so electricity service billboards or heard some radio ads from different electric companies touting why their electric rate is the best. Instead of going with a nicely laid out brand and ad we recommend choosing a provider that has a track record for advertising an electric rate with no hidden fees or gimmicks in the rate. By choosing an electric provider that has never even once tricked their customers by offering what first appeared to be a good price only to then raise it later on in the billing cycle is a smart choice. Ambit electric company is the provider who can consistently deliver on this promise.

Avoid the gimmicks and tricks other Texas electric companies offer and go with Ambit who has straight forward fixed electric rates that do not change and a long track record or honesty and integrity.


  1. fixed price is always a loser with the electric companies unless you are very lucky. they always charge a premium which offsets their risk if it goes down. so you pay their insurance and a higher price most of the time. stick with variable its simpler to understand and probably cheaper.

  2. Variable prices can really get you when their is a price spike…I recommend fixed price rates and usually sign up for a 12 month fixed rate almost every year.

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