Ambit Energy Rewards

Ambit Energy not only provides a low cost for Texas electricity service but they also have several different rewards to offer their customers. You receive travel points for every kilowatt hour of electricity you use.

As you accumulate electricity travel reward points you can redeem these points for several different amazing vacations. You can learn more here:

Among the travel getaways are a spa and golf getaway

A $500 GrandAir card

Escape to the Bahamas

Escape to Mexico

Your Dream Vacation Week

Cabo San Lucas Adventure

All inclusive Dominican retreat

4-night cruise


  1. Katherine A Mineo says:

    Recently my husband and I bid on and won 2 Ambit Energy Getaway trips from an American Red Cross benefit. We were planning on sending both sets of our parents to separate locations as a Christmas gift. I now see that the expiration dates for both are 2/28/10 and we haven’t mailed our registration form yet. Since these take 30 business days to process and confirm for us, is there any way we can complete a registration form online so we can expedite this process?

    We would love to use both certificates as a gift for sending our parents away for the holidays and would love to figure this situation out as quickly a possible. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. Please contact me as soon as you are available so we can find the best and fastest way to use the Ambit Energy Getaway gifts.
    Katherine Mineo (716)510-0242

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