Ambit Electricity Prices

Ambit Energy electricity prices are some of the cheapest in Texas and for residential electric service customers you just cannot find a cheaper energy price with a reputable company like Ambit. There are a few cheaper electricity prices we have seen out there but after closer examination we found that the providers had left off the TDSP charges or had a fuel surcharge or fuel adjustment. With Ambit Energy you will never pay an additional charge that was not initially disclosed to you when signing up for electric service. The only charges you pay with Ambit are the all in bundled fixed electricity price and a small monthly service fee. Besides these two charges there are no other fees which insures you will not be tricked into something you did not plainly see in Ambit Energy’s advertisements when signing up for electric service.

Relax and make your choice with a cheaper electricity company than the standard big brand names Texans are familiar with. By saving money and avoiding the prior monopoly energy companies you lock in on a true low priced electricity rate without the hassle of worse customer service or inaccurate billing. Ambit has a state of the art billing and customer service department that will make sure you get your bill on time, the electricity price is billed to you accurately and that if you ever need to speak with someone you will quickly get someone on the phone.

Ambit Electricity prices are quite numerous as there are many plans to choose from. You can pick from a 100% renewable energy plan to short and long term fixed rates. If you will not be in your residence for very long it helps to get on one of Ambit Energy’s shorter term fixed electricity prices. If you will be in your home or apartment for a length of time we encourage you to sign up for 1 year or longer on one of the available fixed electricity prices and plans.

You can sign up with Ambit Electric Company using the available Order button on the top right of this screen. You will be asked to enter your zip code and continue from there.

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