Ambit Energy Addison Texas

If you are shopping for the cheapest or maybe just a cheaper electricity company than some of the larger more well known brands selling electricity service in Addison Texas than we think you have found the right place. Ambit Energy has some of the very cheapest electricity prices in Addison Texas. A great thing about Ambit Energy Companies electric prices is the fixed feature. Ambit Energy’s fixed electricity rates do not change for the entire term of the contract. If you sign up for a 1 year fixed electricity rate you will keep that price the entire year. A reminder will be given to you prior to your year being up so you can renew again with Ambit Energy on the same or different term.

Electricity prices in Addison move with the commodities market on a daily basis which is why it is important to choose a fixed electricity rate that will not change. The summer of 2009 we see that Addison electricity rates are near their lowest prices. By using your power to choose to go with Ambit Energy you are locking in near the bottom of the market if you were to lock in this summer of 2009. Next year prices could be higher but atleast you will have insured they will not change for a year. When it comes time to renew your contract depending on what the market has done you may be able to renew at a lower or higher electricity price. Every Addison Texas electricity company works within a certain margin when pricing electricity rates since they all have to buy their energy off the ERCOt wholesale power generation supply. If prices are higher next year they will be higher across the board no matter which electric company in Addison you go with.

The point to consider when renewing is which electric company has the cheapest price for their electricity at that time. Each year the price leader changes but so do the unethical business practices of a handful of electric companies that compete against Ambit Energy. Ambit Electric Company discloses all fees and charges to their Addison Texas customers but some providers display one electricity rate on their website only to then charge their customers a completely different rate when that customer receives their bill. Ambit Energy does not practoce in these types of dishonest bait and switch tactics but offers an easy to understand electricity price.

If you have been tricked into an electricity rate because you believe that provider was using customer confusion over price to advertise electricity service in Addison then please let us know. We would like to warn any Addison Texas energy consumers of any bait and switch tactics being used by some of the disreputable energy suppliers out there right now. You can comment below if you have been advertised one electricity rate only to be billed for something completely different.

If you would like to avoid the potential of being tricked into a falsely advertised electricity rate we encourage you to use the “Go” link on the top right of this screen to sign up now with Ambit Energy. There are no hidden fees, tricks, or gimmicks with Ambit Energy only a very straightforward electricity price anyone can understand. With Ambit you also get free travel rewards and perks for signing up. Take a closer look at us and we think you will be happy you did.

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