We are an independent energy consultant of Ambit Energy. This is not the main corporate site for Ambit Energy. If you would like to visit the official corporate site for Ambit you can do so by clicking here. To check available Texas electric rates in your area click here.

What We Do

What we do is show energy consumers in Texas how to save a substantial amount off their electric bill by comparing Ambit Energy’s electric rates with companies like ABC Energy and High Priced Energy who often have much higher electricity prices then what Ambit Energy offers.

The Importance of Finding a Cheap Electricity Rate

We know the importance of finding a cheap electricity company. Because Texas electricity service is such an essential service to have it makes sense to try and find the cheapest rate possible considering you have to have power. The energy coming through the poles and wires is the same energy regardless of where you buy it from. If there is an outage you still call your pole and wires company you always have which will be listed on your utility bill you receive from Ambit Energy.

Power Outages

For power outages due to hurricane and other disasters you can reference the below phone numbers for your area.

Houston pole and wires company: Centerpoint Energy. Phone Number: (713) 207-2222

Dallas and North Texas pole and wires company: Oncor Electric Delivery: 1-(888)-313-4747