Ambit Energy Houston

Ambit Energy HoustonAmbit Energy Houston offers cheap affordable electric service in the city of Houston Texas and surrounding suburbs.

When choosing Ambit Energy Houston you are able to take advantage of the fixed rate offers that allow you to lock in for a length of time.

There are also Ambit Energy plans that are short term and variable but with a fixed Houston electric rate you can confidently go on your way for 6 months, 1 year or longer without continuously watching energy prices.

There are many Houston electric companies to choose from in Harris County but Ambit Energy Houston is an established reputable electric provider that has been around much longer than many of their competitors.

A few short years ago Ambit Energy acquired Commerce Energy to further expand their status in Texas as one of the fastest growing privately held energy suppliers in the US.

If you are considering choosing Ambit Energy Houston to lock in with for home or business you can count on their track record for honest and reliable electricity service. Contract terms and conditions with the energy customer in mind and sales associates available to assist and answer your questions day or night.

Fixed Texas Electricity Rates, What is the Advantage?

Comparing Summer 2008 to Summer 2009 Electricity Prices

This summer of 2009 may be the beginning of higher electricity rates, gas prices, and oil prices according to several industry experts. Last summer in 2008 electricity rates were at all time highs for all electric companies in Texas. Ambit Energy, ABC Energy, High Priced Energy and many other Texas energy providers had to charge higher electric rates to their customers in 2008 due to these fuel price increases. For those customers of Ambit Electric Company who had locked into a fixed rate before the summer of 2008 they were spared as electricity prices soared to all time highs. Because many Texas energy consumers waited to lock in their electricity price they had to lock in in the dead heat of the summer when electric rates were around 16 cents per kWh or higher no matter the energy company you chose. Since electric companies all have to buy their energy from the same generation sources when fuel prices go up electric rates also go up across the board no matter which Texas electric company you may be.

When Fuel Prices Go Up You Can Forget About Cheap Electricity if You Haven’t Locked In

Last year there was not a single Texas electricity company that was spared from having to charge a higher price for their electricity than had ever been charged before. This summer some energy traders are predicting a similar issue. To avoid locking in at the top of the market we recommend locking into an electricity price while energy prices are still low. Ambit Energy is currently offering some very low energy rates in comparison to ABC Energy and High Priced Energy. You don’t have to risk it by waiting until the summer comes and the weather begins to heat up. You can lock in an affordable electricity rate while the weather is mild and the demand for energy has not yet been determined. Summer electricity bills usually double and triple in price because people use more energy. By procuring a cheap electricity service price through Ambit Energy you can still have a reasonable electric bill even though you may decide to use double or triple the energy you normally use to keep your house cool during the hot summer.

How Houston is Different When it Comes to Electricity Prices

For Houston Texas residents you can understand the necessity of getting a low priced electricity rate since it can be very hot and humid in the Houston Texas area. Other parts of Texas can be just as hot as Houston but Houston has the added problem of congestion and line loss issues that make electricity prices higher in this area of the state. Regardless of the Texas electric company you choose you will pay more in Houston than you would if you lived in Dallas, Round Rock, Fort Worth, or Austin. By locking in your Houston electricity rate before the summer you are buying insurance and eliminating the risk of what Houston electric service prices will do when summer comes in full swing.

Houston Texas Ambit Energy Rates

Houston TX Ambit EnergyIf you live in the Houston Texas area and need a cheap electric rate for your apartment or home then we would like to suggest you give Ambit Energy a try. Ambit Energy is currently much cheaper than both High Priced Energy Energy and ABC Energy. For those that have been asked to renew at a much higher electricity rate with either of these electric companies we think now is a good time to try out a cheap Houston electric provider. Ambit Energy offers several different fixed electric rate terms and there are no hidden gimmicks or fees.

Learn more about Ambit Energy and check rates in your area. clicking here. To check available Texas electric rates in your area click here.

What We Do

What we do is show energy consumers in Texas how to save a substantial amount off their electric bill by comparing Ambit Energy’s electric rates with companies like ABC Energy and High Priced Energy who often have much higher electricity prices then what Ambit Energy offers.

The Importance of Finding a Cheap Electricity Rate

We know the importance of finding a cheap electricity company. Because Texas electricity service is such an essential service to have it makes sense to try and find the cheapest rate possible considering you have to have power. The energy coming through the poles and wires is the same energy regardless of where you buy it from. If there is an outage you still call your pole and wires company you always have which will be listed on your utility bill you receive from Ambit Energy.

Power Outages

For power outages due to hurricane and other disasters you can reference the below phone numbers for your area.

Houston pole and wires company: Centerpoint Energy. Phone Number: (713) 207-2222

Dallas and North Texas pole and wires company: Oncor Electric Delivery: 1-(888)-313-4747″>Click Here

You can click on the “Click Here” link and check rates as well as sign up online with Ambit Energy. if you have any questions about Ambit electric service or how they compare with other electricity providers like Reliant Energy then please use our “contact us” link on the top of this page. We would be glad to answer your questions about Ambit Energy Houston and what the dollar savings is when comparing them to your current electricity provider in Houston Texas.