Ambit Energy Review

When choosing an electricity company like Ambit Energy you may see some review sites out there explaining Ambit Energy next to some other competitive electricity suppliers like Ignite. Some of these sites are good but some just make attempts by whatever means so that their company looks better than the rest of the energy providers regardless of what the real facts might be.

Ambit Energy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years and now offers vacation rewards and a low electricity rate when switching to their energy plans. When you choose Ambit Energy you are able to lock into a fixed electricity price or stay on a variable price that follows the market.

Depending on what type of risk you want to take you could pay a premium and choose a fixed rate plan. A fixed electricity price will not change for the entire term of the contract. A variable electric price always has the potential of changing in price at anytime. The positive aspect to a variable Ambit energy price has to do with it many times being cheaper than a fixed electric rate. You will be taking on the risk when choosing a variable price but you avoid the high premium of locking into a fixed rate.

If you are like me you will discover that an Ambit Energy rate is cheap regardless of what product you choose. Ambit Energy has some of the cheapest fixed or variable rates available in the Houston and Dallas TX markets to date. Be sure to take adavntage of the vacation rewards program when signing up with Ambit Electric Company.

Ambit Energy Rewards

Ambit Energy not only provides a low cost for Texas electricity service but they also have several different rewards to offer their customers. You receive travel points for every kilowatt hour of electricity you use.

As you accumulate electricity travel reward points you can redeem these points for several different amazing vacations. You can learn more here:

Among the travel getaways are a spa and golf getaway

A $500 GrandAir card

Escape to the Bahamas

Escape to Mexico

Your Dream Vacation Week

Cabo San Lucas Adventure

All inclusive Dominican retreat

4-night cruise